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Di$trict ft BossLady Lexx – NASTY (NEW SINGLE)

Di$trict drops his first single ft BossLady Lexx (@_BossLadyLexx) entitled NASTY.  Di$trict kills this shit, no lie its a straight BANGERRRRR!!!!


Di$trict – Dead Presidents (VIDEO)

Di$trict drops a video for Dead Presidents, off the Mind Of Mr.Kelly mixtape. (Its nothing special, A lil off but it was made it 10 mins. So just enjoy this visual). Video Shot, Edited & Directed by IHS’s own MyloHate$uckaz!!!


Di$trict drops his first mixtape Mind of Mr.Kelly Vol.1

(Click on Picture To download)

Di$trict drops his highly anticipated mixtape (Mind Of Mr.Kelly Vol. 1)!! Di$trict shows off his phenominal free-styling ability in some original beats, along with some un-released stuff from 2009. The mixtape also has some crazy features from IHS’s own MyloHate$uckaz & G-Code, along with Mr.GotThemBurnas himself P.R and others!! This is just a snippet of stuff to come from Di$trict, DOWNLOAD IT NOW!! I Hate Suckaz or nothing!!


P.R ft Di$trict & MyloHate$uckaz – Oh My Remix

P.R aka Mr.GotThemBurnas grabs Di$trict & MyloHate$uckaz for his Remix to Oh My!! This Track appears on P.R’s mixtape Refresh which you can check out & download by clicking on the picture or by clicking   >> HERE << Follow P.R on Twitter also

 Oh My Remix by myloihs


Di$trict & Koolgi fooling around freestyling

Di$trict having a chill freestyle session with KoolGi. “Di$trict the freestyle animal”


Footage of some (I Hate Suckaz) members out IHS Living

A couple of I Hate Suckaz members out fvcking around 1 day. Shoutout to J-Roc for that messed up arm haha!!


Spaceboy Polo & MyloHate$uckaz drops a crazy theme song track called – (IHS LIFE) !!!

IHS Life by myloihs


Spaceboy Polo drops a crazy new track entitled Space-boy Flow !!!

 Space-boy Flow by myloihs


 MyloHate$uckaz drops a song over Snoop Doggs Boss Life !!!


Boss Life by myloihs


Spaceboy Polo & MyloHate$uckaz visual for one of their old songs from 2009 Hotel Vibing !!!

(Sidenote) Mylo IHS & SB-Polo hate this song but ppl think its kool to be old.


Check Out the Just “J” Designs Fashion Show Footage !!!

MyloHate$uckaz was in attendance at his brothers (Just “J” Designs) first fashion show in New York which turned out awesome! Check it out and follow the mastermind behind the whole show Mylo IHS’s Brother >>> Maurice Johnson (@JustJ1762



I know you hear alot of people nowadays always complaing about love. But when you think about alotta ppl break there own hearts.

So many ppl now days are always saying they cant wait untill they find the right one. Well if you notice the more you look for it the more you dont find it. Why?  because ppl become so caught up in trying to find love sometimes, they begin to lower there standards in hopes of finding that one.

By doing that they usually find a person who just wants to use them for sex, money, etc and not a true relationship.

As this happens more and more, the person begins to think they will never find love and starts to classify all Male/Females as the same. The more you keep trying to find love, the more it makes it harder on you and your feelings.

What do i say the solution is? I say you must first love yourself before you can love anyone else. Love will find you, it might not happen as fast or as quick as you want but it will eventually!  So go and have fun with your life while your still young instead of worrying bout love. Trust me you will be much happier!! – “MTG


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