IHS Lingo


SUCKAZ = (Someone who does sucka sh*t) EX= Someone who is mad because they wish they were in your position, or had what you have… “hes not all that fly”…..(Hating for no reason)

MTG  &  D.I. Dolla Sign = Mylo The Great….Di$trict

BBS = Basic Bitches Suck

BASIC BITCHES = (Female who does basic shit) EX= I wanna be like Nicki Minaj….Im going to do everything Rihanna does….Look at her, shes not pretty (hating on female she doesn’t even know)

FLY = (Someone who wears exclusive things not many people have or can get) EX= Patrick Ewings, Miro 7 Jordans, Givenchy T-Shirt.

FRESH = (Someone who wears stuff that anyone can go get from the mall its always new) Ex= Obey, Timberlands, New balance

DOE CHEESE = (A lot of money) EX= 10,000$ 

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