How “IHS” Started


I know everybody is wondering how IHS (I Hate Suckaz) came about, so here is the story. Hanging out one day, during their 12th grade year of highschool. MyloHate$uckaz, Skateboard Peety, Spaceboy Polo & Weeze IHS were talking. Saying (lets make our own clothes, im tired of wearing what everybody else has). Then as the talks started more & more about it, it became (why not make our own clothing line instead). At first the idea sounded crazy but they thought about it real hard. After awhile they begin to get more serious & started thinking what the name of it could be. Mylo IHS said why not (I Hate Suckaz), since alotta people were doing a lot of shady shit. The name was catchy plus described something we all didn’t like & people could agree with. Since then, its been a long road. People & family telling us we cant do it, or its a waste of time. But with determination & keeping our focus, Mylo IHS, Skateboard Peety, Spaceboy Polo & Weeze made it happen. NOW HERE WE ARE TODAY!!!!!!!! I.H.S (I HATE SUCKAZ)

  1. Carlos Parker says:

    The Kid & 105 Should be up there to.By:Two Nephews of Weeze IHS and Mylo

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